Supporting The Military

We at Garnet are not only knowledgeable about VA Loans, but we also would like the opportunity to show you that we have your best interests at heart, and we will be at your side throughout the home buying process to make sure every detail is handled expertly.


As a way to honor our servicemen and women, Garnet gives a portion of each commission to an organization that we believe in, Minnesota Military Family Foundation.

For many service members and Veterans, a VA loan is the only way they can purchase a home. Garnet will make sure that you are taking advantage of one of your hardest earned benefits.

Today’s America is filled with veterans and military members who are eligible to purchase homes, and this number continues to grow. While the Department of Veterans Affairs and the mandatory exit counseling for service members work diligently to inform veterans about VA loans, Garnet can help make it a reality.

Compared to conventional loans, VA guaranteed loans offer:

We thank you for your service!

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