Testimonial Archive

Testimonial Archive

  • Geno Lenzi – Seller

    08/13/2017 - Geno Lenzi Sold a Single Family home in 2017 in Battle Creek, Saint Paul, MN. Laurel was so positive and confident in handling my particular situation that it empowered me to follow all instructions to the letter. Selling the house was a whole new arena for me but a fun adventure. We had 89 showings in two days and she called for best and highest bids to be in by noon of  the third day. I had multiple offers and we chose the one that was beneficial to me. House sold in 2 days, amazing. Laurel, her husband, the Garnet team, and the closer Keri were the most professional and experienced group of people I've ever had the pleasure to work with. I recommend them to everyone I can, and I just love Laurel , she truly is the best in the business. Peace of mind and happiness don't always go together but having Garnet handle the next phase of my life they provided both and I can never thank them enough!!
  • Meg Anderson Brownson

    Great company with personal service and attention to detail!
  • Donna Jean Moseman – Buyer

    Loved working with Laurel Anderson at Garnet. She was careful to listen to what we wanted in a home and found us the perfect place. We would definitely work with her again.
  • Luvidia Williams – Tenant

    My Daughter Brittany Has Been With Garnet For Almost 2 Years. She absolutly loves the company. They're always flexiable, understandable, and willing to work with ANYONE. They send reminder emails, and there not the "nosey" type of rental agents. They allow you to live and understand life happens. So if your looking for a home/Apt . . Please, Please, Please Come To Garnet!
  • Matthew Hersey – Owner

    I have worked with this team since 2007. I cannot say enough good things about them. I live out of state and on numerous occasions, the Garnet team has gone WAY over and above to help me with my rental properties. From dealing with challenging tenants to natural disasters they have ALWAYS been there to help and make me and my tenants feel at ease and taken care of. Responsive, professional, kind, fair and dedicated are just a few words that come to mind when I think of this team. I have moved out of the state and Laurel just helped me sell my last property so it's a bitter-sweet departure from working with them. THIS IS THE TEAM you need to choose to work with when it comes to purchasing/selling a home or managing your properties. I will truly miss working with them!!!! THANK YOU so much Garnet Team!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!
  • Brian Shelton – Owner

    I've always handled my rental properties myself. Well, I'm never going to handle the lease-up again. Garnet gave me a great market analysis of the rental rates and handled the background checks, income verification, and showings. They kept in communication with me through the whole process. My property rented to the people that they set up a showing with ON THE FIRST DAY. They are great tenants and I couldn't be happier! Thank you, Garnet!
  • Tricia and Don – Tenants

    My dad and I will miss having your company manage the property that we rent. You guys have always been prompt compassionate and concerned. Thanks for taking such good care of my dad. Tricia
  • Jen Mcsorley-Buyer

    I can't say enough about Melissa Snyder's professionalism and true caring nature. Melissa was my realtor when I purchased my first home in 2015. I picked Melissa as my realtor because she answered her phone, and on a Saturday and Sunday morning arranged to show me the houses I was interested in. This was a good indication of the level of commitment she has to service. Throughout the home buying process, Melissa was extremely responsive and thoughtful in her recommendations to me. Melissa doesn't forget you once the deal is done. I have called her for recommendations of handymen, Contractors, Etc.  She has always come through with excellent, timely recommendations. To this day, she always makes me feel like helping me is her highest priority. I highly recommend Melissa Snyder to help with your real estate transaction.
  • Nate and Becky – Buyers

    Nate and I keep waiting for someone we know to be in the market to buy because Melissa Snyder is the BEST. We talk all the time about how we don't know if we would have gotten the house if we didn't have Melissa as our realtor. We adore it here and just welcomed a new member into our family, a new rescue pup named Angus.
  • Samantha Herbert-Buyer

    I decided to buy a house in late Spring of 2015. I had an outstanding experience with Melissa Snyder as my real estate agent. She listened attentively to the specifications of what I was looking for in a house. When looking at each house, Melissa was very outgoing and fun to work with! We had some bumps in the road when I had a few offers out bid and throughout everything Melissa stayed positive and upbeat while continuing to look for the perfect house for me. In June of 2016, I closed on my very first house! The only sad thing about the closing was no longer house hunting with Melissa! Since moving into my new house, Melissa has emailed me and stayed in contact with me to make sure I am having a positive experience with my new house!
  • Shawn Potter-Owner

    Laurel and the Garnet team have made owning an investment property as painless as possible. I became an unintentional landlord after moving for work. The services provided by Laurel and Garnet have allowed my family to turn a potential sale for a loss into a profitable investment property. Licensing, statements, repairs, tenant search, etc. have all been taken care of accurately and professionally. I recommend Garnet property management services to anyone that has a need for them.
  • Amanda Kehoe-Owner

    Laurel provided property management for my home in MN while I was living in IA. She found me a great renter and took great care of my property. It was nice not having to worry about a thing. I received timely communication, personal service, and convenient perks like direct deposit. I would definitely turn to Laurel again for real estate needs.
  • Lavell Robinson-Renter

    I wanted to say that Garnet Real Estate staff has been a breath a fresh air for my partner and I, being a black gay couple, you run into many walls. It has been awhile since we've had the pleasure of working with a fair, professional and understanding company. Communication is key in any relationship! I do not believe you can go wrong at all riding the Garnet Train...Kudos!!!
  • Brian Goode-Renter

    Everyone I have had the pleasure of meeting at Garnet Real Estate Services is professional and they have a sense of integrity. Garnet is friendly, kind, and takes care of any maintenance needs within a timely manner.
  • Mr.Louis Scherschel-Owner

    Dear Prospective Garnet Client: I would like to offer you my highest recommendations for the services provided by Garnet Management Group. As a former resident and current owner of property in Forest Lake, MN, I required the services of an efficient and proactive property management firm to obtain tenants and manage my property upon my job relocation to Chicago. Aware of the lack of time that would be available to me to monitor and take care of my property, I decided to hire Todd and Laurel as my representatives. After my home rental listing became available to tenants on July 1, 2008, Laurel and Todd secured a reliable tenant within three weeks for the rental price I had agreed upon with Garnet. Laurel's accurate rental assessment and efficiency permitted me to focus my attentions and time to the task of relocation. Todd's quick and reliable attention to property management matters has also helped to expedite the process of any necessary repairs or maintenance requested by the tenants or myself without worry. Please accept my recommendation of Todd and Laurel as you make your selection for a property manager. Their personal attention and local presence in Washington County helped me decide to select them over larger companies offering management services that might not have been as focused on attending to my property. Garnet has proven to be a reliable team to work with and constantly remain attentive to my needs. Sincerely, Mr.Louis Scherschel Illinois
  • Elaine Buddington-Owner

    I have been a client of Laurel's for approximately 2 years. Her firm currently serves as Property Manager for my condominium in Stillwater, MN. I live more than 350 miles away, so it was critical for me to find a partner whom I could trust. Laurel fits that bill perfectly. She found some wonderful renters for me and she has kept me completely up to date on all matters associated with my property. My monthly statements are always accurate and on time, and we haven't missed a rent check yet. Given the current economy, I am extremely pleased with how smoothly everything has been operating. I give Laurel and her firm my highest recommendations. December 7, 2009 Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value Hired Garnet Real Estate Services as a Minnesota Property Manager in 2008
  • Dwight Stoll-Owner

    I continue to be impressed with your and Todd's work, which is why I sent my mother your way. Minnesota
  • Laurel Afrookhteh-Owner

    I highly recommend Laurel and Todd Anderson of The Garnet Company! They are honest, timely and will do the best possible job for you as your management company. I personally have not met Laurel and Todd, as I live across country but my brother "had a meeting" with them and gave them an outstanding review, and my brother is not easily impressed. California
  • Nancy P.-Owner

    My experience with Garnet Management has been excellent. They are a top-notch team. I interviewed 4 different management groups before signing with Garnet and they stood head and shoulders above the others in their responsiveness and attention to my needs. Todd helped with repairs and remodeling to get my house ready for renting and I was very happy with the quality of work, reasonable rates and timeliness of his work. Laurel and Todd make a good team, each having their strengths that they bring to Garnet. They are very friendly and continue to be very responsive. I have been working with them since March and am still very grateful for the high quality, efficient and friendly service. This is my first experience as a landlady and was nervous about what I might be getting into. Being long distance added uncertainty to the equation (I'm in IN now).  But since I hired Garnet to take care of things it has been very easy. I could've hired someone for less but my property/house is a big investment for me and I feel very confident that it is in good hands with Garnet. I hope this doesn't sound too much like a commercial, but I really have had only very good experiences with Garnet. And the peace of mind that I have knowing such a competent team is overseeing all aspects of managing my property is significant.
  • Ray & Barb Carroll-Owners

    We contacted Garnet Management in the middle of June about handling the rental of our townhouse in Hugo MN. Within one week they had found an acceptable tenants who moved in immediately. Garnet handled all the paperwork for the lease and the necessary papers for the association so that everything went smoothly. Todd and Laurel have been great to work with and have answered any questions we have had. We have not had to worry about a thing since we signed with Garnet Real Estate Services.
  • Gretchen Reinke-Owner

    Garnet has been my property management company for a little over a year now. I own a property in Hugo MN and live in Nebraska and the way I know they are doing a great job is that I completely forget I even have the property until I get my monthly statement! It has been a seamless and easy process since day one when I met with Laurel Anderson.
  • Mike Keil-Owner

    I have used Garnet Real Estate Services for almost 5 years. Exceptional service. My house was rented within 2 days by each renter. Not one problem at my house with my renters and rent was always received when it was suppose too. No worries just receive your monthly income and let Garnet handle the rest. perfect. thank you mike keil
  • Melissa Paul – Owner

    I've been using Garnet for several years for property management. They found a renter for my property very quickly and I receive my rent money on time. Excellent service and a smooth operation overall. I will continue to use their services. Keep up the great work!
  • Andy Kokes-Renter

    Just wanted to say it has been great living in a home managed by you guys. Every time we've needed something you were polite, quick, and effective. After dealing with renters warehouse for a couple weeks now I miss dealing with you and Todd.  If we move again and are renting we will look a little harder at a property if it's Garnet.
  • Dr. Corey Oscarson-Seller

    We used Garnet Real Estate Services to sell our home and had a great experience. Laurel was responsive to our questions and phone calls and understanding of our concerns. She was prompt with scheduling showings and accommodating to our schedule. Even though we were in a depressed real estate market we received a fair price for our home in 90 days. We experienced exceptional service and would recommend Garnet Real Estate Services to anyone.
  • Michelle Lambert-Renter

    Garnet is a friendly, kind, and professional. They take care of maintenance issues in a timely manner. They are true professionals with a sense of integrity.
  • Danielle Oscarson-Buyer

    We used Garnet Real Estate Services to purchase our new home and had a wonderful experience. Laurel Anderson was helpful in addressing our concerns in a prompt and professional manor. She helped us get the house of our dreams for much less than expected. We enjoyed working with Garnet Real Estate Services and would recommend them to everyone.