Full Service HOA/CIC Management

Assisting HOA and CIC Communities throughout the Twin Cities and Western Wisconsin. 

Garnet provides monthly statements that are personalized for your community and are accessible online by board members:

  • General Ledger
  • Dues current
  • Check register

Garnet ensures that your community receives the best contracted services:

  • By securing professional service contracts at the best value
  • By offering in house maintenance services
  • By diligently supervising contracted services

Our management team will get to know your Association on a personal level and provide you with the tools to succeed:

  • Associations may choose to host board meetings at our location or yours
  • Garnet will distribute meeting minutes to board members and homeowners
  • We provide training to familiarize new board members to the meeting process
  • Garnet can attend board meetings at your request and provide information regarding operation and management, review of financial statements and address other board issues

Your association is in order on every front:

  • Budget reviews
  • Reserve study
  • Collections and Foreclosure
  • Online report access

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Hoa Management Frequently Asked Questions

  • Board assistance and on-going training and support
  • Attendance at board meetings and workshops and assistance with member mediation
  • Collection of monthly fees (A/R)
  • Monthly accounting services (A/P) and reporting
  • Annual budget preparation and reserve study preparation
  • Handle bid process for contract services and major repair work
  • Litigation assistance
  • Rule enforcement
  • Oversee all resale transactions
  • Assist board or committee with obtaining appropriate insurance coverage

Garnet Real Estate Services enjoys working with and encouraging board directors in the process of leading the community, directing the day to day operations of the association, and offers online and in person training for all members.

We provide assistance and direction to your board of directors in determining the policies and procedures that will enhance the betterment of your community.

Simply call our office and schedule one of our agents to come to your next meeting and share what Garnet can do for your association.

We have a maintenance specialist on call. Just call the emergency number and service will be dispatched as soon as possible.

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