Military Buyers

Did you serve?

We at Garnet is not only knowledgeable about VA Loans, but we also would like the opportunity to show you that we have your best interests at heart, and we will be at your side throughout the home buying process to make sure every detail is handled expertly.

Your Garnet Realtor will work diligently to review every detail of the paperwork, contracts, and other documents. We feel that you have got enough on your mind without having to remember every single upcoming date, when you need to schedule an inspection, the deadlines for document filing, and more. This is when—and how—we will show you that you we are trustworthy, and will be there to protect your interests, and look out for your family, by helping you find and purchase the home of your dreams.

As your Realtor, we will want to establish early on who your point of contact (or POC) is. It is a good idea to get everything lined up prior to deadlines and other events, in case you are unavailable. This is also a good time to have a Power of Attorney (POA) set up for you. Under a POA, you would grant the right to a trusted confidante to sign legally binding documents on your behalf.

We understand that depending on your current position with the military that your needs will vary depending on your PCS if you are active, if you have been discharged or whether you have retired and intend to stay in a community for a long time. If there is a possibility that you may need to move again in a few years, you may need to purchase a home that can either be converted into income property, or will have a fast resale. At Garnet, we handle both Real Estate Sales & Residential Property Management and can discuss what the most beneficial options are for you and your family.

During your Transition GPS, you were likely made aware of your VA mortgage benefits. However, we understand that the adjustment to civilian life after military life is significant—and often overwhelming—we will be glad to give you a refresher on the specific benefits of VA loans.

Some service members will have gaps between military service and employment in their first civilian job. These employment gaps may cause issue with underwriting the loan, depending on several factors, including:

■ The length of the gap
■ Whether there is a good explanation for it
■ Whether the job following the gap closely relates to a previous position held by the service member or Veteran

When moving into the Twin Cities or Western Wisconsin, you may find yourself needing information on local healthcare, schools, associations or activities. Garnet is very familiar with what each neighborhood in these areas has to offer due to years of experience and the vast area we serve.

While only a handful of veterans who have purchased a home had thorough knowledge of the VA loan benefits, less than half of that number of real estate professionals discussed the VA home loan option with their military clients!

Today's America is filled with veterans and military members who are eligible to purchase homes, and this number continues to grow. While the Department of Veterans Affairs and the mandatory exit counseling for service members work diligently to inform veterans about VA loans, Garnet can help make it a reality.

Why take advantage of your VA Loan benefits? Here are the main reasons why~

Compared to conventional loans, VA guaranteed loans offer:

■ Less stringent credit requirements
■ Lower closing costs
■ Lower interest rates
■ No down payment required
■ More flexible underwriting standards

For many service members and Veterans, a VA loan is the only way they can purchase a home. Garnet will make sure that you are taking advantage of one your hardest earned benefits. Garnet will go through the details of the benefits, assist you in preparing necessary documents and then connect you with a lender who is knowledgeable on the VA loan requirements and process.

We thank you for your service.

As a way to honor our service men and women, Garnet gives a portion of each commission to an organization that we believe in, Minnesota Military Family Foundation. Please feel free to follow the link to find out more.