Garnet does not charge Admin Fees or Junk Fees!

Garnet does not charge Admin Fees or Junk Fees!

shutterstock_372584617No Admin or Hidden Fees Fees EVER!

Some say an administrative fee is to help pay for the support staff or document storage, but what it really boils down to additional commission paid to the brokers by both Buyers and Sellers in each real estate transaction. Commonly, these junk/admin fees are simply brushed over without a full explanation of what they really are. There are many stories of buyers and sellers who were surprised at the closing table with being charged admin fees up to $495.00. You will NEVER see an Admin Fee charged by Garnet Real Estate Services.



Q. Is there a reason to add an admin fee on top of the commissions already paid to the real estate company?
A. Not at Garnet Real Estate Services. We believe this is an unnecessary junk fee and choose not to charge this to our clients. Buying and Selling a home are expensive enough without extra fees.

Q. Do all brokerages add an admin fee?
A. No, but the majority of companies do. These fees are commonly called Admin Fees or Additional Commission and range in amount from company to company.  These fees have become more common, increasing in the amount and are sadly accepted by Buyers and Sellers as a normal transaction fee.

Q. Is it legal to charge Admin Fees/Junk Fees?
A. Yes, it is legal to charge these fees. Commissions and fees are negotiable. If it is to be charged, it needs to be disclosed to you up front before an agent starts showing you homes or at the time of signing the listing documents.

Q. Is it moral or ethical?
A. That is for you to decide. Garnet Real Estate Services feels that it is just a way of adding on a little extra commission and choose not to encumber our clients with these additional fees.